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Titans: Beast World # 3 Recap – Peacemaker vs Weresharks and more! (SPOILERS)

Recap time for Titans: Beast World # 3 by Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer subbing in for Ivan Reis and its pure chaos as more heroes turn into animals and Amanda Waller begins to enact her real plan. Meanwhile Nightwing teams up with an unexpected mystic.

Check out the past recaps before we get right into the summary for issue 3 of Titans: Beast World!


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In issue 3 we immediately check back on Starfire and Donna Troy who we last saw fighting the lion Black Adam before being surrounded by hundreds of spores all wanting to infect them. Starfire does have a fine solution and she burns a bright blast that barbeques the spores.

Back in the states, Nightwing has managed to return to Titans Tower and has also caged werewolf Batman.

Nightwing brings in Dr Bridget Clancy, a prominent figure in Taylor’s Nightwing book to help solve the problem of the animals as well as finding a cure for Nightwing’s dad, Batman.

After claiming that the Tower is secure, Detective Chimp, our favorite mystic detective shows up and offers to help Nightwing and his team.

Somewhere in Metropolis, a bunch of bird men attack an commercial flight and Power Girl is able to respond before anything bad happens.

Bad timing though as one of the bird creatures successfully transfers its spore to Karen which turns her into a fiery bird woman, who promptly breaks the airplane in two.

This is of course in reference to her time as Flamebird.

Before anything bloody occurs, we find out that Jonathan Kent aka Superman has arrived and ensuring that everybody on the plane survives…

Jonathan pulls away Karen and they are off to space. This will be continued in a solo issue of Action Comics.

Back in Kahndaq, Donna Troy leaves for space to help with the Justice League and Starfire deals with Black Adam; whom she easily dispatches by executing a german suplex. This was enough to trigger Adam’s fight or flight instincts.

Adam runs away and clears the area.

In space, Donna Troy shows up and uses her Lasso of Persuasion to stop Garro / Starro the Conqueror from landing on Earth and making things worse. She actually succeeds in stopping the conqueror by partly persuading it to NOT land on Earth.

In other parts of Earth, Amanda Waller together with Peacemaker make their way to Stryker Island. Waller asks Peacemaker to deal with the attacking shark people while she enters the prison.

It turns out that Waller is there to recruit Lex Luthor in her plan to kill Beast Boy.

And there are more things in the works for Amanda Waller and it could even open the door to a black superteam care of a mission to stop and capture Doctor Hate.

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