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Titans: Beast World # 2 Recap – Werewolf Batman and more!

Here’s a recap for Titans: Beast World # 2 by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis and we continue were we left off last issue with Beast Boy turning into Starro the Conqueror and then sending spores to Earth to turn everybody into Beast Men and women.

In this issue, Cyborg finally wakes up after getting pounced on by Doctor Hate by the end of Titans: Beast World # 1. Gar has been transformed completely into a green version of Starro the Conqueror and the combined might of heavy-hitting heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are not enough to deal with it.

On Earth, Buddy Baker aka Animal Man is reeling from the sheer number of animals that he’s becoming connected to through his connection with The Red and its driving him mad.

In Bludhaven, Nightwing and Batman team up to save as many people as possible from the attacking Beast Men.

Batman saves a kid who got left behind and gets pinned down by the beast men. Nightwing saves his dad and then get attacked on the roof by this terrifying snake man.

When Batman stops the attack, the spore transfers to him and the snake man turns back to human. Batman however transforms into a wolfman.

Meanwhile Barbara Gordon aka Oracle aka Batgirl has discovered the carnage that lion Black Adam is doing to his home of Kahndaq and dispatches Donna Troy and Starfire to stop him from killing innocent people.

Nightwing and werewolf Batman fight with a seriously injured Nightwing falling down the river together with Werewolf Batman.

Back in Kahndaq, the Beast Men watching the Black Adam vs Starfire and Donna Troy fight eject their spores and these things move in to infect the two senior members of the Titans.

The final page shows Nightwing pulling Batman out of the river and contacting Oracle to get assistance.

To be continued next issue.


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