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Titans: Beast World # 1 Recap

Here’s a recap for Titans: Beast World # 1 by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis and it’s the new big event for the DCU starring the Titans with long-time member Beast Boy front and center.

In this issue, the team watches as members of this new cult fly into Saturn’s Titan moon to explore it and hopefully find a new place for humans to live away from the Earth. When they arrive at a temple in Titan, Brother Eternity broadcasts a dead message that triggers an earthquake putting the lives of the astronauts at risk.

Starfire is shocked to hear that language because its apparently from her homeworld of Tamaran. Nightwing dispatches a team to go to Titan including Cyborg, Donna Troy, Starfire and Raven. Him, Wally West The Flash and Beast Boy stay on Earth to monitor the situation.

With the astronauts already dead, the Titans on Titan leave the surface and that’s when they find out what was woken up by the cult leader on Earth. Turns out its this creepy tentacled monster that’s a freakier version of Starro the Conqueror that’s been buried in Titan.

Starfire sounds a retreat but they also needed some information from the Tamaranian Archives which they get and later share with the rest of heroes including the former members of the Justice League. (Remember at this point, the League has disbanded after the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths last year).

It turns out that the creature they are dealing with is called the Necrostar and that in ancient times, was at war with Starro the Conqueror (a staple enemy of the Justice League). During their last fight, Starro was badly injured while Necrostar was mortally wounded. This was used as an opportunity by the ancient Tamarans to seal it away in the moon of Saturn for good. Superman then tells the heroes that Necrostar is almost nearing Earth.

Beast Boy hatches a plan and needed the help of his teammate Cyborg. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes including Superman, Shazam, Wonder Woman and more flies off to space to slow down the arrival of Necrostar.

Beast Boy and Cyborg goes to the Pacific to start Beast Boy’s plan which is to turn himself into Starro the Conqueror since nobody has seen the creature throughout the universe. This might come in handy as a plot later in the story when Starro really makes an appearance. If not here’s to hoping that Tom Taylor remembers that Batman had a little son named “Jarro” back when it was Scott Snyder writing the Justice League before the events of “Death Metal Dark Nights”.

In space, the heroes slowly fail with Shazam getting infected already by the Necrostar spore turning him feral, attacking Wonder Woman in the process. Beast Boy then flies up to space to fight the invader and free his friends by segmenting into millions of Starro parts and taking out the spores.

Gar and Vic Stone then take away Necrostar into space deep enough where they can open a Boom Tube and send the monster to the Boomerang Galaxy, the coldest part of space.

Gar succeeds in sending the baddie to that part of the universe but the two of them get attacked by the villain known as Doctor Hate, who was sent there apparently by Amanda Waller.

Hate knocks out Cyborg and uses his mystical powers to repress Beast Boy’s memories and consciousness. This then turns Beast Boy wild especially since he’s in the form of Starro the Conqueror. Starro / Beast Boy then goes back to Earth and attacks.

Gar also sends millions of his starros to Earth which attaches to every human being and turns them into animals including powerful characters like Black Adam.

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