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First Look at Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3

Here’s a look at Jensen Ackles as Soldier Bou in The Boys season 3.

The former Supernatural star will be joining the Amazon series as a member of the Avengers parody in The Boys universe. And its pretty obvious that he’s playing a sort of Captain America character.

In the comic book series Soldier Boy is the third person who held the mantle. He’s also sharing a sexual thing with The Seven’s main honcho, The Homelander as seen in Herogasm. This guy eventually bites the bullet when his team was sent by Voght and the Homelander to kill Billy Butcher and the rest of the boys.

Whether we’ll be seeing these controversial stuff in season 3 is still something up in the air but what we know is that this is definitely going to be an interesting thing to see when the third season rolls in.

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