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First Look at The Hood for Ironheart TV series

Here’s our first look at The Hood aka Parker Robbins for the upcoming Disney+ show Ironheart from Marvel Studios.

Check out what the Marvel villain looks like in the MCU after the cut.

The Hood will be played by Anthony Ramos (Hamilton) as well as alter ego Parker Robbins, the small time thief who managed to steal a mystical hood that he uses to lead a life of crime.

In the comics, he rose to power during the Dark Reign period working together with Norman Osborn to hunt down the New Avengers while they were wanted by the law for not revealing their secret identity under the Superhero Registration Act, which was the backbone for the fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

We still don’t know how this will tie up to Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams aka Ironheart but it should be interesting to see the two fight especially since its going to be science and tech versus mystical arts and magic.

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