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DC Comics Announces Action Comics # 1000 Super-Sized Deluxe Edition

If like me, you missed out on getting the milestone issue of Action Comics which is Action Comics # 1000 then you’ll be happy to know that DC Comics has plans to re-release the issue with a more “regal” look.

And by regal I mean a hardbound version with more pages and more content for any Superman and DC Fan. According to reports that Action Comics # 1000 will be released in comic book stores starting September 26 while book stores will start selling copies on October 2. The book will retail for $19.99.

DC Publisher Dan Didio says:

Not only was the release of ACTION COMICS #1000 a huge step for DC, it was a momentous release for the industry as a whole. We heard from countless comic book shop owners that ACTION COMICS #1000 brought fans into their shops like never before, as everyone wanted to be a part of this historic moment.

Meanwhile, Jim Lee has this to say:

We were blown away by the response to ACTION COMICS #1000, and we wanted to gather together even more behind the scenes material such as sketches, scripts, etc. so fans can take a peek inside this historic release. This is not only a must-have for any Superman fan, but also any fan of comics, entertainment or pop culture.

Action Comics # 1000 Hardcover Edition will feature:

  • All eighty pages featuring stories and artwork by Brian Michael Bendis/Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens/Norm Rapmund, Peter J. Tomasi/Patrick Gleason, Tom King/Clay Mann, Geoff Johns & Richard Donner/Oliver Coipel, Brad Meltzer/John Cassaday and Laura Martin, Marv Wolfman/Curt Swan, Louise Simonson/Jerry Ordway and more.
  • A gallery of eighteen unique retailer variants (open to buy and retailer exclusives) and the eight decade-themed variant covers from artists including Dan Jurgens, Jim Lee, Dave Gibbons, Joshua Middleton and more.
  • Scripts for each of the stories featured in ACTION COMICS #1000
  • A side by side panel/page comparisons for the Peter J. Tomasi/Patrick Gleason story “Never Ending Battle”
  • The original art for the Marv Wolfman/Curt Swan story “An Enemy Within”
  • The Paul Levitz/Neal Adams story from ACTION COMICS: 80 YEARS OF SUPERMAN, “The Game”
  • Design sketches from Jim Lee
  • A complete reprint of the stories that started it all – the Superman stories ACTION COMICS #1 and 2 from 1938!

Lets all hope and pray they bring this here in the PH.


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