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7 Movie Poster Parodies Coco Martin and Cobra Energy Drink Got away with… Thanks to Clever Puns

Belated Happy Labor Day! And to celebrate Labor Day, a sugary, serpentine energy drink brand had released several movie poster parodies with their main endorser, Coco Martin. And I have to warn you, this is going to be one helluva ride.

Here’s what Cobra Energy Drink had to say in their post:

Ngayong Labor Day, kayong masisipag ang tunay na bida! Kaya handog namin ang #CobraPelikuLaborDay Tribute sa inyo, sa tulong ni Coco Martin PH! Alin sa 7 ang paboritong poster niyo?

Manalo ng 2 movie passes to any 2018 movie!

I-follow lang ang Cobra Facebook Page, i-share ang post na ito, at i-caption ang pinakapaborito mo dito sa 7 posters. Siguraduhin lang na naka-public ang iyong post para makasali.

10 lucky winners ang pipiliin sa mga sasali from April 30 7PM – May 2 7PM. I-aannounce namin ang winners sa Wednesday, 10PM. Good luck!

#CobraEnergyDrink #LaborDay #AngLakasNgMasipag

Now let’s check the movie posters shall we?

Back Toda Future (featuring Coco Marty and I hope it’s Gina Pareno as Doktora Brown)


If this is going to be better than THOR: THE DARK WORLD, then I’ll be totally fine with this.

Guardians of the Grocery

They replaced Rocket with a dog. Come now rabbit.

Star Nars: The Patent Awakens

Hey, your skating on thin ice on this one. Remember how Star Wars-y the Panday poster was? Don’t push it man.

Fade Runner 2018

Blade Runner 2048 was a great movie. Marketed wrong which is why it kinda bombed. This movie about a barber and his adventures…. is ahit. Goddamnit, the puns on this movie poster was instant “benta’ and instant gold. I love it!

The Dark Night Shift

Meh. I’m “OK” with the original “The Dark Knight” poster but for this one, “meh”. Where are the puns? Where’s the level of humor like Back Toda Future?

The Dependables

Dear Cobra Energy Drink, I liked the message and all but you missed your chance with an Avengers Infinity War take. This was a culmination of several posters and characters, all built in a shared universe. This wasn’t a randomly blended together movie. You’re breaking my heart here.


Credits to the Cobra Facebook page.

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