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One Classic X-Men character finally revealed to be a mutant – House of X # 2 Spoilers

One of the long-time supporting character from X-Men lore is finally revealed to be a mutant after all, major House of X # 2 spoilers coming through.

So before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT:

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In this post, we take a look at the mysterious life of Moira Mactaggert, the geneticist who had been a long-time supporting character for the X-Men books. Interestingly, the title of the issue was called “The Uncanny Life of Moira X”.

We find out that Moira’s first and original life was set decades in the past, where she had eight kids and a full life. She died an old woman.

Moira X Second Life

Moira X Third Life

In her third life, armed with information from her previous lives, Moira began her life as a scientist, she once again connects with Charles Xavier, disliked Charles, founded her Miur Island and finding a cure for mutants…

What happens next is a long exposition between Mystique and the Brotherhood conversing with Moira X, but the gist of it is that Destiny reveals that Moira’s mutant power is reincarnation. She also reveals that her mutant powers was to see what happens in the future and she has seen that Moira would have 10 more reincarnations before she finally dies. Then Destiny orders Pyro to burn Moira slowly so she would know what its like to die by fire slowly…

Moira X Fourth Life

In her fourth life, Moira ditched eliminating the mutant gene and instead went on to become a friend and lover of Professor Xavier. Moira was instrumental in the creation of the X-Men and had seen the team grow and thrive…

But still, in the end, the Humans and the Machines gain the upperhand and they die.

Moira X Fifth Life

In her fifth life, Moira went directly to Charles Xavier after her mutant powers manifested at the age 13. She left her parents and went to Charles to build the X-Men. They did a good job for a little while but again, the Humans/Machines and their Sentinels come a calling and that’s the end for the dream.

Moira X Seventh Life

The seventh life of Moira MacTaggert was made up of murder, particularly murdering the Trask clan. Take note, the Trask clan was responsible for building the Sentinels as we’ve seen in both the books and the movies. But she also learned the hard way that even if you kill the Trasks, there will be others who will be making other Sentinels and killing mutants.

Moira X Eight Life

For the eighth life, we meet Moira X who becomes an accomplish of Magneto…

In this life, Moira seemed confident that she would help the mutants survive by siding with Magneto. Unfortunately, Magneto raged which brought about a war where the heroes (including the X-Men) took down Magneto.

If you look at the page above, you’ll see that Moira also died in this encounter, due to that fall from the Washington skies.

Moira X Ninth Life

In Moira X’s ninth life, she allies herself with Apocalypse this time. If you checked out the teasers before the release of House of X and Powers of X, they were teasing a relationship between Apocalypse and Moira MacTaggert. Originally though, I really thought it was Jean Grey locking lips with Apocalypse.

We also find out that she embraces Apocalypse and gets her upgrades. We also see her together with Apocalypse and his four horsemen.

Too bad for them, they did not survive the war between them and the Sentinels.

In her last life, she relives her life once more and this time returns to Charles Xavier and instead looked to change things and build the House of X. How this will affect the story for HOX and Powers of X will be interesting.

Here’s the breakdown of the many lives of Moira MacTaggert aka Moira X…

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