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REVIEW: A Journey – Kaye Abad, Paolo Contis, Patrick Garcia (Now Streaming on Netflix)

The newest film from Netflix “A Journey” stars “Tabing-Ilog” alums Kaye Abad, Paolo Contis and Patrick Garcia and is directed by RC Delos Reyes.


A woman refuses her cancer treatment and instead goes on a journey across Tasmania to check off items on her bucket list with her husband and best friend.


The film follows a couple and their closest friend as they deal with the impending death of Shane (Kaye Abad) from cancer which she no longer wants to get treated for. Its up to her husband Brian (Paolo Contis) and Tope (Patrick Garcia). While initially agreeing to Shane’s idea, the two plan on fulfilling her “bucket list” all the while making her realize that she needs to get better to continue on living. And the list provides the plot for the majority of the film which was also shot in location in Australia.

May pagka Vivamax din to ha with a surprise R-rated scene that also reminds me of that controversial moment years ago between a pogi actor and a very old and manyak politician. But that’s all good considering the writing wanted to point out how lost Tope could be without his friends and PA by his side.

Paolo Contis continues to show how good a comedian he is with some laugh-out-loud moments here and there. Remember this guy grew up working with the likes of Babalu and Jimmy Santos. Green jokes nga lang pero ok lang rin.

Speaking of Jimmy Santos, our beloved Jimmy Saints is back for this project. Short and Sweet and I’m reminded that the veteran comedian can also do drama although he didn’t flex that much in this.

And yes Tabing-Ilog makes a special appearance. The Barbie Almalbis song makes a welcome surprise although that’s not the only “cameo” that makes an appearance. I am amazed how much those few seconds brought me back decades ago when ABS-CBN was still airing the teen-oriented drama. For me, that scene also cements that this isn’t going to be that done-to-death love triangle but rather a sincere friendship between a married couple and their single best friend.

Ogie Alcasid also makes a quick appearance for the film where he plays himself in one of the most confusing and heartbreaking moments in the movie as he performs his classic song “Dito sa Puso” in front of a grieving Shane, surprised that Brian managed to pull in Ogie to do a quick song and dance. This also gave us a chance to see how well actress Kaye Abad can steer our emotions and she nailed it. That scene of confusion, a mix of happiness and grief did the job for me to be honest.

Beware that the ending is heartbreaking. No spoiling anything but it is and that’s life and it teaches us to continue living and reaching our goals which isn’t a bad thing to strive for and live for.

A Journey didn’t lie with the title it is a journey filled with laughs and tears and reminds you of how fragile and short life is. It helps you realize how short life is and how we need to live each day like its our last. Shane, Brian and Tope taught us that and it’s almost two hours of being with them that makes us remember this.

“A Journey” is now streaming on Netflix!


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