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Japanese Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster by One Punch Man Mangaka is the Poster We Need

Depending on who you ask, the Spider-Man: Homecoming posters were either a hit or a miss. We couldn’t get a unified answer until they dropped this awesome Japanese poster for the film done by One Punch Man and Eyeshield 21 artist Yusuke Murata.

The poster was commissioned to hype up the film, which will premiere in Japan on 11th of August.

Check out the entire poster below:

Murata has been prominently known for his American football series Eyeshield 21 as well as the mega-hit anime and manga series One Punch Man.

Love how this was designed as well as how we kinda see Iron Man at the bottom and what looks like Avengers Tower.

The whole thing just works really, really well.

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