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Alternate Universe Cyclops with Phoenix powers set to challenge in Jean Grey # 2

Marvel has dropped the cover for Jean Grey # 2 which depicts a fiery Cyclops embracing his wife but it’s not 616 Cyclops.

But the big twist here is this dude came from another universe with bad intentions for our favorite redhead.

Check the Jean Grey # 2 cover as well as the accompanying solicit.

The cover was done by Amy Reeder

THE DARKEST PERIOD IN JEAN GREY’S HISTORY! The Dark Phoenix has haunted Jean Grey since it emerged from Jamaica Bay. But what if the Phoenix had chosen…someone else? The love story of Cyclops and Jean Grey is one of the most beloved in Marvel Comics’ history. Now witness a legendary creator break their hearts—and their minds. But this is no ‘what if.’ Jean Grey is not where she is meant to be…and neither is the rest of mutantkind. Stunning secrets will be revealed as Jean Grey lays the groundwork for her next shocking appearance in ‘Fall of X’!

Jean Grey # 2 is slated for release September 27 and is written by Louise Simonson with art from Bernard Chang.

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