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Genshin Impact Leaks – Arlecchino Game Renders and Designs leaked

We got more Genshin Impact leaks today and this needs to be taken with a grain of salt and it’s the Arlecchino renders and designs.

genshin impact fatui arlecchino

Check out the Arlecchino leaked designs after the cut.

Arlecchino is heavily rumored to figure into the Fontaine arc of Genshin Impact’s ongoing storyline with the Traveler aka Lumine or Aether reaching the Hydro archon’s nation as he or she continues to search for their missing twin who has already been revealed to be the new leader of the game’s main villains, the Abyss Order.

In the previous main quest story it was the Fatui Dottore who made life difficult for Traveler and Paimon and even managed to temporarily take out the goddess of knowledge Nahida aka the Dendron archon.

Arlecchino was described to be a cold hearted individual that scares even the likes of the cheery Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia aka Childe and also runs to orphanage with an iron-fist.

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