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New rumor suggests Arlecchino would be pyro character

Popular Genshin Impact leaker Hutaosub77 has posted a new rumor regarding the appearance of the next Fatui who will be involved in version 4 and beyond and thats Arlecchino.

We already met Arlecchino together with the other Fatui Harbingers in that awesomely wicked trailer called “A Winter Night’s Lazzo” some time back as the game’s bad guys gather to pay their respects to the fallen La Signora who died at the hands of the Raiden Shogun towards the end of the Baal’s arc.

A Winter Night’s Lazzo

Anyway, here’s what was shared online:

So she could be a pyro sword character which is kinda weird because she looks more like a cryo character to me.

Here’s what we know about Arlecchino:

She runs the place called “House of the Hearth” and was also the one who called the shots for a Fatui mission in Inazuma. She’s also known as “The Knave” and has been described as having an “authoritarian personality hidden behind a veneer of gracefulness”. Tartaglia aka Childe also commented that she’s insane and will do anything to benefit herself.


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