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Here’s how Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan Died in Amazing Spider-Man # 26

Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 26, the issue where Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel died as opposed to, I don’t know, getting a glorious death in her own book. The issue was written by Zeb Wells with art by John Romita Jr.


OK so in this issue we see that Rabin has become powerful enough to be a big threat for New York City. Spider-Man is already in the scene together with Mary Jane Watson and Norman Osborn now operating in a non Goblin suit still with a glider. We also see that Ms Marvel has joined in and is willing to give a helping hand.

The Emissary has transformed into a scary looking beast and is out to kill Mary Jane as a sacrifice for the god known as Wayep. He has also summoned a dragon in Central Park which the Fantastic Four and Norman Osborn has to deal with.

The trio of Spidey, MJ and Ms Marvel try to confront the Emissary head on and after a bit of threatening, he pretty much snaps away Paul Rabin’s kids aka MJ Watson’s adopted kids.

That triggers MJ to show powers and blast Rabin.

But that’s not enough to take down the new villain. So while the Fantastic Four and Osborn take out the dragon, Pete tries to run away and asks Kamala to separate MJ from the fight. Peter tries to beat up the Emissary but he escapes…

Spider-Man tries to give the Emissary a beatdown but he escapes.

MJ and Ms Marvel separate in an alley with Kamala Khan runs back to the fight. Rabin then tracks down Mary Jane Watson and when she puts up a fight, she literally gets backstabbed by the villain.

Rabin cheers on as he sacrifices Watson for the god Wayep. Only the god rejects the sacrifice as he was not given the redhead but instead a different one. He then kills Rabin. When Spider-Man returns to the scene he embraces Mary Jane only to be surprised that it was actually Ms. Marvel that’s lying on the ground.

Oh and Mary Jane still ends up with Paul Rabin.

Honestly though this was a crappy thing for a death of a big character. Plus, leave it to Marvel to spoil their own big event/ tragic event just days before the release of the actual book. There’s not even a single member of the Champions like Ironheart or Nova in this. Super iffy.


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