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Batman Lost Gives More Details on Alan Wayne and the Court of Owls (Again)

This week’s Batman Lost, another Dark Nights: Metal tie-in shows the madness that had befallen on Bruce Wayne’s grandfather, Alan Wayne who we’ve seen in Scott Snyder’s “The Court of Owls”.

When Alan was first introduced during Snyder’s run, he was already mad. This was revealed during a flashback scene while Batman was doing autopsy on the remains. He says that his grandfather went mad and was convinced that there were people working to kill him. It was the Court of Owls and they were determined to silence him for what he knows. Batman also tells the readers via monologue that his grandfather died when he fell down the sewers, his remains washed out some time later.

Check out those pages from Batman: The Court of Owls Mask and Book Set (The New 52) (Batman: the New 52) by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo below:

Later, when Batman gets trapped in the Owl’s labyrinth, he remembers the face of his grandfather who apparently was also stuck in the place for a good long while.

Now in Batman: Lost, we get to revisit the past once more as Bruce Wayne travels through time after being trapped and outwitted by Barbatos and his evil Batman.

Batman follows some of the scenes that we’ve already seen during Snyder’s initial run in Batman during the New 52 era. But the most jarring was the moment he had told before, where his grandfather went “mad” supposedly and had been accosted by the Gotham police officers at that time.

In Batman: Lost however, this gets a little subverted with Wayne seeing things that his grandfather Alan Wayne saw including a version of Wonder Woman parading around the streets. Which is highly unlikely because at this point in time, Wonder Woman hasn’t reached man’s world yet.

Go pick up Batman: Lost today! It’s got a lot of neat stuff plus some teases to a potential DC Comics event in the near future.

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