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Thor Gets Creative with his Hammers – Thor # 1 (2018)

Thor # 1 has been released and we get back the old Thor, Thor Odinson as the Mighty Thor. Jason Aaron provides a steady pace of character build up for his characters and even found a great way for Thor to use his hammers in more powerful fights. Case in point his fight with the Juggernaut while retrieving one of Asgard’s lost treasures.

So as mentioned above, Thor had to face off against Juggernaut…

He was easily hammered because he still doesn’t have mjolnir with him.

He does his best to show the Juggernaut that he’s still got it by reappearing with A hammer.

Problem is, its not strong enough to actually hurt the Juggernaut, let alone make him flinch. So he gets pummeled even further.

Thor utters “send them all” and it actually rains hammers of all sorts.

And while they are not Mjolnir level, they are certainly enchanted enough to hurt those who try touching it and is deemed unworthy.

Using his powers of sparkles err I mean electricity, Thor uses the hammers to conduct electricity and escape Juggernaut and his gang.

Its a surprising move and one that lets Thor be the God of Thunder that he is and still operate as a hero despite losing the advantage of mjolnir. At least he has his dad’s blessings and Jarnbjorn the axe by his side.

Intesting how this is turning out to be out. Therea also a ton of other stuff happening within Thor # 1 which we can discuss in the coming days.

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