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Batgirl Cassandra Cain Pays Tribute to Fist of the North Star

One of the coolest moments that Cassandra Cain aka Batgirl aka Blackbat was that time she takes a page from Kenshiro from the classic anime and manga Fist of the North Star.

In one instance she and Batman had to face armed thugs which results in a fistfight. Cassandra, already adapting Batman’s no-guns rule gets triggered when one of the perps shoots blindly and almost kills his partner.

Batgirl Cassandra Cain goes Fist of the North Star

She does that death punch so well because, hey, she was trained by the assassin David Cain. Cain also happens to be Cassandra’s biological father.

So back to that story, a surprised Batman is shocked by what Cassandra had done but before he can do anything, she stops him…

Such a bad ass moment. Makes me want to see her in another Rocksteady Batman game too.

So what would have happened if she didn’t reverse the strike? Here’s a video from the manga that it references, Fist of the North Star featuring protagonist Kenshiro.

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