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Biggest Flex of 2024: Introducing Innovative Facilities in AMAES

Wait no more, this year’s biggest flex has arrived! From its technologically advanced features down to its innovative functions, AMA Education System‘s (AMAES) The Flex proves its continuous commitment to the ideals of its name since its establishment in 1980.

The AMA Education System (AMAES), created in 1980 by Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, is the Philippines’ pioneering and leading provider of IT-based education, and it has consistently been at the forefront of educational innovation. On April 5, 2024, AMA University inaugurated The Flex, marking yet another significant milestone.

Anchored by its goal of breaking barriers and spearheading forward-looking innovations in Philippine education, the AMA University introduced The Flex on April 5th as the first-ever student center in the country that uses cutting-edge advancements to maximize the potential of the students and prepare them for the future.

AMAES Vice Chairman Amable C. Aguiluz IX, during the inauguration of The Flex, emphasized that the establishment of the facilities under this dynamic educational ecosystem lies beneath the core goal of creating more spaces for the students to have a better learning experience.

“We wanted a place where students could come and study; a place where they could congregate and do their projects, a place where they could assimilate with new technology.”

  • Amable C. Aguiluz IX, Vice Chairman, AMA Education System

The Flex creates an interactive and innovative space for students to dive into the world of learning and fun at the same time. Being a student center and a tech hub, it flexes its innovative facilities, catering to the dynamic needs of the students from spaces to brainstorm, collaborate, and flaunt their skills to a place for wellness, fun, and talents.

AMA University, through The Flex, trailblazed not only the modern landscape for education in the Philippines, but also the future of the country through its well-equipped graduates, honed by their facilities.

Why AMAES’ The Flex is the biggest flex?

Fusing innovation and functionality, The Flex becomes an unparalleled learning space that AMAES brings into the world. Moreover, these facilities flaunt the university’s forward-looking vision for Philippine education that fosters the success of the students as citizens of the future.

e-Enroll TechSpot

From the very first step of experiencing this year’s biggest flex, AMAES made sure to create a smooth and hassle-free environment. Moreover, this room has electronic enrollment stations that assure convenience and an experience away from stress.

e-Sport Nexus/Game Changes Chamber

Who says learning can’t team up with fun and passion? After long days of academic activities, this space allows online gaming enthusiasts to relax and flex their skills in gaming. Also, it accommodates professional, casual, and even novice gamers of the online world.

e-Music Innovate Workshop

Talking about talent and passion, the AMA University welcomes them in all forms! A great singer? An aspiring musician? Or just someone curious about the world of music? Well, e-Music Innovate Workshop is definitely a space for you! This hub allows you to maximize your musical talents through collaboration with others and incorporating technology to your artistic voice.

Cybersecurity Stronghold

With Cybersecurity, being one of the persisting issues today, AMAES made sure to unfold limitless space for the students to become parts of the solution. In line with this, the hub becomes the training ground for students in fighting cyber threats through simulation of real-world scenarios. Indeed, it flaunts excitement and functionality at the same time!

Capstone Confluence

True to its name, this room flexes itself as a space for academic excellence brought by collaborative efforts of the students. Moreover, it creates an environment for conducting a project, academic program, or any other endeavor that flexes the skills and prowess of the students.

Multi-Tech Fusion Laboratory

From its name, one can definitely tell that this is a hub for collaboration and innovation. Multi-Tech Fusion Laboratory provides a platform for students to get engaged in developing cutting-edge projects. Also, this space pushes forward the idea of multidisciplinary integration in developing solutions. From robotics and AI to biotechnology, this lab surely got everything for you!

Tic-Tech Studio Creation

Lights, camera, action! Hold up, there’s more to it! Flexing its innovative technology and equipment, this space levels up the production experience of the students. This studio offers top-of-the-line cameras, lighting systems, and audio equipment for a better learning experience. Furthermore, it welcomes both seasoned and up-and-coming content creators.


App Development Room

AMAES does not just utilize technology; they allow students to create them! That said, this room serves as a hub for young innovators with a heart for developing cutting-edge applications. Moreover, it offers a collaborative environment for designers, developers, and other stakeholders.

Cyber Conference Room

Students can now work excellently but remotely. This room breaks into the common perspective of having to be together to work better. Also, with a dedicated room for cyber conferences, this room allows students to be engaged, efficient, and effective as a team wherever they are.

TechFlip Learning Studio

This space manifests the AMAES’ envisioned education landscape for the students to thrive in the 21st century. Moreover, the fusion of engaging teaching strategy and emerging technologies allows the students to become future-ready with theories, skills, and experiences.

Development Prodigy Lab

It’s not just another room for development, but a space for opportunities to change the trajectory of the future! With the goal of becoming part of the solution to real-world problems across industries, this lab welcomes collaboration for researchers. Also, it puts value in merging the ideals and benefits of theoretical research and hands-on experiences for all.

Code Craft Hub

In a general perspective, coding could be complex but with the help of technology itself and spaces conducive for learning anything is possible. This hub flexes its resources and support to cater to the coding and software development experiences of the students. Definitely, it is a journey towards decoding the complexity of coding.

A.I. Arena

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer strange these days but has become one of the buzzing conversations across the world. AMAES saw its potential to become a powerful tool in the future, and so they created this arena. It allows the students to understand, innovate, and be part of collaborative efforts to prepare them for the future with AI.

Binary Bites Cafe

To finally complete the experience, enjoying a cup of soothing beverages and mouthwatering food would be great! Students can now enjoy not only feeding themselves with knowledge but literally feeding themselves without getting lost in the complete experience of the futuristic vibe of The Flex through its tech-inspired aesthetics and ambiance.

Among the many factors that create an impact towards the quality of education are the facilities that foster creativity, excellence, and well-being of the students. The AMA Education System recognizes its significance through trailblazing innovative education in the country. Committed to improving the learning experiences of the Filipino youth and breaking boundaries through technology, AMAES proves that The Flex is indeed 2024’s biggest flex. 

Contact AMA Education System today via (+632) 8656-0654, (+632) 8844-3225, (+632) 8737-5545. Enroll in AMAES campus nearest to you or register through https://bit.ly/pregisterAMA to secure your day-one success experience. Also, discover how you can build a brighter future, one certified skill at a time! For more information, visit https://www.amaes.edu.ph/.

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