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First Look at McFarlane Toys New 52 Cyborg Superman

Here’s our first look at the upcoming McFarlane Toys New 52 Cyborg Superman for their DC Multiverse action figure line.

The figure will be up for pre-order soon and will be based on the character’s appearance in the New 52 continuity from DC Comics. But he’s still basically the same character, Hank Henshaw, who merges his cybernetic consciousness with the likeness of Superman in a bid to make him look bad.

No word on when this will officially drop but it looks ok. Honestly I’m waiting for the original version of Cyborg Superman so I could complete the “Reign of the Supermen” lineup with includes Superboy, Steel and The Eradicator.

Who knows they could even come up with a 2 pack featuring black costume Superman with the mullet and jetboots together with the OG Cyborg Superman.

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