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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Basketball Court Takeover joins COD with artist Jappy Agoncillo

Continuing the trend and vibe of the message “Mobile just got REAL”, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is excited to announced their Mobile Basketball Court takeover!
The latest mobile game from Activision aims to tap into the Filipino’s love of basketball and its unique cultural impact to make some real connections with the gaming community. The whole court takeover balances the strategic vibes of basketball and Warzone Mobile by showing how teamwork and quick thinking rule in both worlds.
The game has teamed up with renowned muralist Jappy Agoncillo who also happens to be a hardcore COD fan to put together a COD-themed basketball court art installation at the SV Ball Park in New Manila, Quezon City.
The court plus the mural will be open from Fridays through Sundays starting 1pm to 5pm and will run until July 1.
For more information, please see below:
SV Ball Park, New Manila, Quezon City
Visit and play at the court during Friday-Sunday around 1-5PM for better accommodation and to avoid overlapping with regular league games
️ This initiative is available from May to July 1, 2024

Download Call of Duty Warzone Mobile today for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store for the iOS and Android!

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