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Marauders # 2 – Meet the New Red King

Marauders # 2 gives us a surprise whammy in Marauders # 2 written by Gerry Duggan with art by Matteo Lolli and Federico Blee as we get to meet the Hellfire Club’s latest Red King.

So in this issue, we continue to see Kate Pryde and her team of mutants aboard the ship “Marauder” as they go from one place to another in the hopes of getting more mutants stuck outside Krakoa back into the island. In this issue, they do a mission for the White Queen, Emma Frost as she teaches the Black King, Sebastian Shaw a lesson on doing business behind her back.

The conversations between Emma and Sebastian book end Marauders # 2 with the first half acting as a way to give more exposition about what the book is and who the main players are. Of course, there’s something that Shaw is really doing behind Emma’s back and its pretty evident that he wants his man or woman taking the position of Red King in the Hellfire Club’s organization.

Here’s what happens in a span of a few sentences. The X-Men intercept Shaw’s stolen shipment of mutant medicine headed to the US and protected by Batroc the Leaper. They then sail to Taipei where they meet up with Bishop and they hang out in a tattoo shop to kill time; Pyro gets a horrible new face tattoo and they meet with Gateway to whisked away to London. It’s there that the Marauders get to officially see their ship…

Kate leaves the team for awhile…

Emma and Shaw continue to discuss what to do with the vacant Red King position until Shaw uses violent means to intimidate Frost…

Emma shows her hand and reveals that she’s already picked out a Red King for this new Hellfire Club they are building and its none other than Kate Pryde.

This isn’t so surprising though as this could have been one other thing that Emma and Kitty had agreed upon when Kate decided to go and rescue stranded mutants with a ship and create her own team. Also check out the update org chart for the Hellfire Club as of Marauders # 2.

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