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New X-Men Book Announced for March 2020 – Hellions

Zeb Wells and Stephen Segovia will be doing a new X-Men Book called Hellions which features a wildly diverse cast of mutants led by Havok and Psylocke.


This new team will be composed of Havok and Psylocke representing the X-Men. Mr. Sinister will be leading this team with other weird mutants joining like Scalphunter, Nanny, Orphan Maker and Wildchild.

Its a logical choice to have Sinister have his own team because he doesn’t have his own team to appear in. Apocalypse for example appears regularly in Excalibur where he deals with mutants and magical elements.

Sinister has been appearing frequently in the Fallen Angels book as he serves as a sort of confidant to the recently-returned Pyslocke and her own small team of mutant murderers with Cable and X-23.

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