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Artist Marguerite Sauvage shares new Power Girl costume as she rejoins the Superman family over at Action Comics

Long time JSA member and wayward Superman family member Power Girl will be returning to the fold in the upcoming issues as she’s getting a bunch of back up stories in the pages of Action Comics and she’s even getting a “new” costume.

Check out the new Power Girl costume after the cut.

And here’s what artist

Marguerite Sauvage wrote on her Twitter account over the new redesigned look for Superman’s Earth-2 cousin and Supergirl’s alternate universe counterpart.

So yeah, Power Girl and Omen are teaming up together in a back-up story you can find over at Action Comics. Should be interesting especially since its been a long time since Superman and Power Girl kind of went on an adventure together. I do like a number of things with the redesigned new Power Girl costume. For starters, the controversial and iconic “boob window” is still there; what’s gone however is the cape and it gets replaced with a jacket which also sports PG’s traditional chain design on it. Some folks may not like it but I dig this.

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