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REVIEW: Kicksmate Carryall Box is the perfect container for your toys and other geek stuff

Today let’s talk about the Kicksmate Carryall Box which was recently sent over to me and which I now consider the perfect container to store and display your toys and geek stuff.

So first, let’s do a quick unboxing and construction for the Carryall Box.

As you can see in this video, constructing/ building the box is super easy. It’s all a matter of reading and snapping. It won’t even take a long time. This especially works well if you’re into building model kits or collect gunpla or plamos. In fact, while building the box, I was already thinking of what model kit would fit in this; something I’ll talk about later.

Output-wise, I’m also happy with the product because I left it in the more dusty corner of the office for a few days with a bunch of action figures stored inside and it’s got good control of materials getting in. As in, there was barely any dust inside the box. The outside, sure, but the inside is pretty safe.


There’s no wrong way of using these products from Kicksmate. You can get this and just put in one product to display or you can actually put in more than one like what I did with some of the action figures lying around the room. Give or take around 5 or 6 action figures.

If you’re collecting Funko Pops, you may want to add this storage box to your cart because you can stack a bunch of the boxed pops or get two “Jumbo Pops” and chuck them in.


The Build

The Kicksmate Carryall is pretty big (36cm x 22cm x27cm) and can be stored either horizontally or vertically. It’s also using really solid magnets on the frame to secure your items inside it and lessen the amount of dirty coming in.



Aside from the Carryall Box, Kicksmate also sells that awesome looking Shoebox and the Wipes

You can order your own from Shopee. Click this link HERE to order yours today! You can also order either through Lazada – https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/kicksmate/. You can also visit their physical store at 388 Unit B El Grande Avenue, B.F Homes, Parañaque, Philippines.

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