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REVIEW: X-Men # 2

Here’s my review for X-Men # 2 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu from Marvel Comics. And it definitely moves the story forward while touching off on other X-Men books that are currently out in the market.

Heads up, there will be some spoilers in this review so for that:

spoiler alert photo

So there’s a number of things that made this book interesting. Also the book is still a slow burn as opposed to other titles like Excalibur and Marauders where the fun starts the moment you pop open the book.

X-Men # 2 was OK for me because it kept the cast at a minimum, continued to change the already changed status quo, tugs on some long-standing plans for Apocalypse and quirky character beats for the main characters in this story. Also Hickman continues to show that this is his playground now by connecting this with his other ongoing, New Mutants.

Without spoiling too much, Cyclops brings his kids Rachel Summers (who doesn’t go by Prestige now apparently) and the young Cable to a recon mission to a mysterious island. There, the three bond together while investigating the island and its inhabitants. The investigation causes a lot of problems but by the issue’s end, we get some big changes for the mutant island nation and some deeply disturbing problems that the X-Men could face in the future.

Solid artwork by Yu here and I appreciate the level of quality he brings in the table. Sadly, while he renders art quite beautifully, I still think that its not a good fit for the book. It would have been awesome if Marvel had let either House of X and Powers of X artists RB Silva or Pepe Larraz work on the book. Again, Leinil’s work is always great together with Gerry Alanguilan’s colors but it could have been WAAAAAY better. Those panels with the Arako high summoners were a visual treat.

The plotting and dialogue is seemless but can be too cheesy at times; like Cyclops treats Rachel like a little girl when clearly, she isn’t. The banter between Rachel and Cable were nice too had we seen an actual action panel or page of what they were talking about. Still on the subject of plot; loved how Hickman connects this story with the events that have transpired in New Mutants. Had he not mentioned that important piece of exposition, it would have crumbled. Sadly, nothing about what had transpired over in X-Force….

The appearance and involvement of Apocalypse in the end is a big YES for me mainly because I already want to see what Hickman has planned for the imminent return of the original Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. And it looks like he’s kinda saying that these original horsemen were his actual kids.

Also great work Hickman for showing a softer side to En Sabah Nur. Wasn’t expecting to like that bit but here we are.




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