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Who Has the Stones? A Rundown on the Current Owners of the Infinity Stones in the Marvel U

This week’s Infinity Countdown Prime # 1 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr. brings everything Infinity Stone related to the forefront. This book in particular details where the stones are and who currently owns these powerful items.



Space Stone – Wolverine

We still dont know how Wolverine got out of his adamantium coffin but he’s definitely alive and kicking and he’s also holding on to the Space Stone which he obtained at the end of Marvel Legacy # 1. We do know that the stone is responsible for Wolverine popping up in Peru and why he was camping when he encounters Hydro-Man at the end of Marvel Two-in-One # 3.

Reality Stone – Captain Marvel

Carol went to a different universe (where she encounters a different set of Guardians of the Galaxy) and ultimately came back home with her native universe’s Reality Stone.

Power Stone – Peter Quill/ Guardians of the Galaxy

When this crossover starts, the Power Stone is seen with the Nova Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill is hanging onto it (or rather they are hanging on it). Prime # 1 also reveals that both the Raptors and the Chitauri are out to get the Power Stone. The stone being with Quill also confirms the first Infinity Countdown teaser months ago.

Mind Stone – Turk Barrett

If you don’t know who Turk Barrett is, he’s the guy that keeps popping out in the various Marvel/ Netflix series like Daredevil, Luke Cage and The Defenders.

… and now he’s powered up with the mind stone/ mind gem in the comics.

Time Stone – Kl’rt the Super Skrull

Kl’rt found the Time Stone in the Planet Sakaar, the same place where Planet Hulk and World War Hulk began.

Soul Stone – Magus / Ultron / Gamora

When we follow on the whereabouts of the Soul Gem/ Soul Stone. He blabbers on about getting even against Adam Warlock but then gets a surprise attack from Hank Pym/ Ultron…

And just when Ultron begins to hatch a plan to get the other five stones, that piece of Gamora’s soul stuck in the Soul Stone makes itself known and brings Hank into the world inside the stone.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Infinity Countdown Prime # 1 as it’s already in stores today!

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