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Meet the Horsemen of Salvation (Uncanny X-Men # 3)

We finally get the introduction to this new twist to the Horsemen of Apocalypse in the pages of Uncanny X-Men # 3.

Again we have to stress, spoilers abound for the last few pages of Uncanny X-Men # 3.

In this post, we take a look at the happenings in the third chapter of the X-Men Disassembled storyline which will run from issue 1 to 10.

We find out in the issue that somebody is out to bring peace to the world and that would come at a high price, like the destruction of the X-Men. To do that, the mystery character sends the Horsemen to the Xavier Mansion.

This happens while the X-Men are preoccupied battling Legion, who made a return in issue 2. It also visits the plot from issue 1 of Angel ditching the team during their mission to defend an nti-mutant senator.

So who are these characters?

They are:

  • Magneto
  • Angel
  • Blob
  • Omega Red

They also end up blowing the mansion as part of their plan to bring peace to the world.


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