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DC Multiverse Batman White Knight Joker Promo Images

Here’s a look at the upcoming DC Multiverse Batman White Knight Joker action figure from McFarlane Toys which will be shipping out soon.

This Joker is the good guy in the story written and drawn by Sean Murphy. Batman: White Knight is a comic book limited series created by Sean Murphy and the first installment of the Murphyverse. The series spans eight issues and was published monthly in 2017 and 2018 by DC Comics. In White Knight, upon regaining his “sanity”, the Joker sets out to reverse the public perception of himself and Batman from hero and villain, seeking to conquer Gotham through politics.

Here’s the official release details not just for DC Multiverse Batman White Knight Joker but also for Batman and Azrael!

After years of epic battles between the Dark Knight™️ and his twisted archenemy, Batman faces his greatest challenge yet: The Joker™️ has been cured of his madness and is now sane. The Clown Prince of Crime has changed his ways, fighting for good in Gotham City™️, and it may just cause Batman to go over the edge of his own sanity.

Product Features:

– Batman figure based on the comic book story arc Batman™️: White Knight
– Batman accessories include Grapnel Launcher, Batarang with line, wrapped Batarang with line, and base
– Included collectable art card with Batman: White Knight artwork on the front, and character biography on the back
– Collect all additional Wave 3 Batman: White Knight Figures; The Joker and Azrael, well as other McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figures. Figures sold separately.

I’m not sure about the paint job and head sculpt especially for the Joker face but I’m very interested in getting at least this figure and the Sean Murphy Batman. What about you guys? You can check out the main line up for DC Multiverse wave 3 as well in this blog.

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