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An X-Man Becomes Ahab’s Hound in Extermination # 2

While we celebrate the impending X-Force reunion with Extermination # 2, we should also be aware of how the issue ended, with an X-Man officially joining the ranks of Ahab’s mutant killing hounds.

Spoiler alert again folks…

The last part of Extermination # 2 reveals that Old Man Logan has become a hound for Ahab.

We dont know exactly how this happened because the last time we saw OML, he was just stabbing a random hound that attacked the mansion when Ahab came calling for the remaining O5 X-Men who havent been kidnapped by young Cable yet.

Ahab attacks the Xavier Institute in Extermination # 2

Will this be how they actually write out Old Man Logan? Will the recently announced Dead Man Logan mini be set before the start of Extermination?

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