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Vanya Kills Pogo and Destroys the Umbrella Academy (Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite # 6)

Looking for more good stuff from The Umbrella Academy? Here’s a curated shocking moment from the first volume, Apocalypse Suite featuring the death of Pogo and the destruction of the Umbrella Academy‘s home aka Hargreeves Manor.

Vanya Hargreeves returns to her former home transformed into the deadly creature known as the White Violin. She unleashes years of frustration with every note she makes.


The impact of her performances nearly destroys the Hargreeves home and also awakens Pogo who was knocked unconscious in an earlier moment with Number Five, aka Boy. When Pogo looks at what was going on, he meets his death.

And just like that Vanya kills Pogo. No hard reason at all, he was just there to witness her destroying things and ultimately becomes a casualty. And while TV version of Number Five was a dick who was still likeable, comic book Number Five was just an awful being. Still makes for a good read though.

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