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Dark Crisis # 2 Spoilers – the story so far

Here’s the story so far for Dark Crisis # 2 from DC Comics. The issue was written by Joshua Williamson with art by Daniel Sampere.

The story starts with Pariah doing a monologue with his team of the greatest enemies of the Justice League standing behind him. He’s also doing a flashback segment with him doing exposition on what he intends to do and how he’ll execute his plans.

We then cut to Titans Tower where we find out that Nightwing survived that bomb blast but he’s badly injured.

The students are able to wake him up and just when he does, a bunch of villains find them and take them back to Deathstroke with Nightwing following suite. When he catches up, its a horror show with all of the Titans as well as the students are either captured or getting beaten up.

Deathstroke goads Nightwing into fighting him with the lives of the Titans at stake. He even triggers Dick Grayson by saying that he tried killing Beast Boy but that he’s still alive thanks to his shape shifting abilities.

Nightwing beats Slade Wilson and when the Hyena tries to threaten one student of the Titans Academy, Deathstroke steps up and says that Nightwing should pick another Titan to fight Deathstroke to determine whether the heroes die or live.

When Nightwing offers himself up to be killed by Deathstroke in exchange of the lives of the faculty and students of Titans Academy, Slade agrees and before he is able to shoot down Dick, Superman (Jon Kent) makes the save…

Slade Wilson came prepared though and as soon as Jon arrives, his trump card also crashes into the scene and its none other than Cyborg Superman aka Hank Henshaw…

As the fight rages on, Deathstroke is asked to retreat by the Great Darkness / Pariah which he begrudgingly complies taking along the society with him.

Cyborg Superman and Jon Kent Superman also fight to a draw with both of them crashing near Titans Towers. Cyborg arrives as back up and “kills” Henshaw.

In the aftermath, the titans regroup with some of the students even quitting because of the attack. Black Adam makes an appearance and shouts at both Grayson and Kent about their blunders.

Adam also assumes leadership of the Jon Kent’s Justice League in the aftermath of this horrific attack. And training for the team starts immediately.

Meanwhile in space, we see Kyle Rayner escaping from his captors and getting rescued by Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Jo Mullein.

Hal gives Kyle a rundown of what’s happened including The Death of the Justice League and the formation of a new Justice League and the threat of the Great Darkness.

Dark Crisis # 2 ends with Hal showing that he’s called in the Green Lantern Corp including popular members like Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

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