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Nightwing goes Game of Thrones in Nightwing # 29 Spoilers – Gotham Resistance part 2

Some Nightwing # 29 spoilers today as we catch up with part 2 of Gotham Resistance.

nightwing # 29 spoilers

We last saw Dick Grayson running for his life at the end of Teen Titans # 12 which was part one of Gotham Resistance. In the second part of the story, we see the combined efforts of Robin, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Nightwing as they take out the frosty terror.

We also get a bit of backstory with The Batman who Laughs and Mr. Freeze who also gets his card.

Batman who Laughs offers Mr. Freeze his card

Back in current Gotham, Nightwing creates a plan to stop the snowman hunting him. Killer Croc picks up on this as well..

Its revealed that Dick had been chasing something when he got to Gotham.


The party follows the floating sphere deeper into Gotham City.

In another part of the city, the Teen Titans are controlling the crowds and quelling looters and they are failing spectacularly.

Good thing for them, the remaining members of Suicide Squad make their way to the area as well. Enchantress manages to scare off both the looters and the would-be victims.

So while the two teams are going about what to do in their situation and deal with their missing teammates, they get attacked by the dark Robins.

And if you’ve read Dark Nights: Metal # 2 you know lethal these creatures are.

Oh and Dark Damian also makes another appearance in this issue.

And since this is Nightwing # 29, we definitely have to check back with Nightwing and his party. They follow the sphere to another part of Gotham that has Court of Owls written all over it. They get attacked by more ice monsters and a very Game of Thrones inspired Mr. Freeze.

The Night King would definitely be proud.

The party enters the building that’s been marked as a part of the Court of Owls’ hideout and they find an armory.

It’s not just an armory. It’s an armory of weapons made from the same metal that can hurt Barbatos and his Dark Knights. We also get a bit of drama between Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. And yes, we see vulnerability in Robin.

Now equipped with the means to fight, the combined party of heroes and villains return outside to fight Mr. Freeze and his ice monsters.

They manage to beat Mr. Freeze and they press on, the floating sphere also takes the card that the evil Batman-Joker hybrid gave Fries earlier in Nightwing # 29.

Sensing that Mr. Freeze has been defeated, the Batman who Laughs makes his next move which is to unleash the evil versions of the Teen Titans and the Suicide Squad on Nightwing and the others.

Gotham Resistance continues this week in Suicide Squad # 26

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