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Dawnbreaker Murders the Green Lantern Corps

More spoilers from Batman: The Dawnbreaker # 1 by Sam Humphries and Ethan Van Sciver. In this post, we look at how Dawnbreaker murders the Green Lantern Corps.

So last post, we see the origin of Dawnbreaker. How young Bruce Wayne got the green lantern power ring, how he corrupted it and ultimatelt got his revenge. The story moves some time after that and Bruce sheds his heroic persona, becoming more violent.

After a confrontation with Commissioner Gordon which ends up with Dawnbreaker killing him, the Green Lantern Corps makes an appearance on Earth.

Using his new technique which sucks out the light in an area, he tskes out the Green Lanterns who went to Earth plus a few Guardians as well. Poor Kilowog didn’t even get to put up a good fight.

The next panel shows the devastated and very dead GLC with one Guardian, who I assume is Ganthet, witnessing a rebirth for the evil Batman-Green Lantern.

He enters the power battery he built on Earth and when he comes out from that we can see Dawnbreaker in the costume he weaes when he reaches Earth…

Dawnbreaker bruce wayne

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