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Immortal X-Men # 3 teases future X-Men storylines including one where Sinister takes control of the mutants

This week’s Immortal X-Men # 3 shows readers potential or upcoming storylines or events in the X-Men books including a storyline where Sinister takes control of the X-Men.


Spoilers for the book written by Kieron Gillen and art by Lucas Werneck! Spoiler alert!

spoiler alert photo

In this issue Mystique leaves her wife Destiny to attend to Council matters and while that is happening. Destiny continues to writhe in pain from her visions and the use of her mutant powers. During these moments, she gets a big amount of visions which also includes a timeline of potential X-books events.

There are tons of things to see here including the upcoming Judgment Day storyline which pits the Avengers with the X-Men and the Avengers.

And check out the splash page with other potential or upcoming events for the X-Men and other X-Men related books.

So let’s connect the dots on what these could be from left to right.

  • that tower with Magneto’s face could be something that could happen in X-Men Red where Magneto is now a main character and even rebooted the Brotherhood of Mutants versus Abigail Brand’s X-Men Red team.
  • The big battle is definitely AXE – Judgment Day which is coming in a few weeks.
  • The image with Mr Sinister on a throne with a mind-controlled Cyclops and Wolverine could be “The Empire of the Red Diamond”.
  • Exodus standing atop a hill could be “A New Krakoa”
  • Ilyanna Rasputin (Magik) in her demonic form with the dead X-Men could be “Limbic Infernality”.

Of course there are a number of constant threats and possibilites in the image above namely the “Krakoa Dissolution” and “Nimrod Extinction Event” have been the main push in the recent X-Men stories so that’s not going anywhere.

Also cool that they are now using the Multiverse thread we saw in Loki being used by the TVA. In case you haven’t seen Loki, here’s the video:

The sad part that Destiny came to realize is that in all those future events she saw, there was never even a mention or involvement of her dear wife, Raven aka Mystique in this. Meaning she is fated to die sooner or later or her existence will not impact anything. This prompts her to start writing a new set of diaries/ journals which she entrusts to Mystique to be opened at the right time.

Going back to Mister Sinister, its about time somebody did something about him. The dude commits a lot of atrocities and even cloned former ally Moira McTaggert with the hopes of using her “reboot” powers for himself.

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