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Magazine Scans for SHFiguarts Iron Man Mark 50, Infinity War Thor and Wasp

A couple of incoming figures have been revealed via scans of a Japanese magazine advertising the SH Figuarts version of Thor, a re-released Iron Man Mk 50 and Wasp from Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The SHF Avengers Infinity War Thor is slated for release January 2019 according to the magazine and will feature articulated cape, Thor’s new weapon Stormbreaker and I’m guessing two headsculpts for the figure.

Wasp aka Hope Van Dyne also gets her SHFiguarts treatment for the first time and she has a lot of catching up to do because Scott Lang has around 3 or 4 figuarts figures out in the market already.

Her scaling also makes her shorter than Ant-Man but she’s got badass wings in exchange.

Lastly, we revisit nanosuited Tony Stark in his Mark 50 armor which we saw in Infinity War.

This re-release however will have a few additional accessories available like the sword and wings which were previously available as a separate pack. And now you can buy everything in a single pass.

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