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Beast Boy takes center stage in upcoming series Titans: Beast World with Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis and Danny Miki

Beast Boy has gone through a lot in the past few months with him almost biting the bullet in the pages of DC Comics’ Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths where he was seemingly killed by Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator but miraculously surviving that ordeal. Now, Titans writer Tom Taylor is set to give him his time on spotlight with Titans: Beast World.

Here’s the solicit for issue 1:

Written by TOM TAYLOR

Art and cover by IVAN REIS and DANNY MIKI


Lenticular variant cover ($7.99 US)

$5.99 US | 48 pages | Variant $6.99 US (card stock)

ON SALE 11/28/23

Clawing its way out of the pages of Titans comes an unprecedented threat to the DC Universe. Superman, Wonder Woman, Starfire –all are powerless to stop the Necrostar from ending all life on Earth. The only hero who can save the world is…Beast Boy?!

With Nightwing, Raven, Cyborg, and the Titans beside him, can Garfield Logan rise to battle an ancient evil? What will Amanda Waller do to take advantage of the situation as millions of people are changed into rampaging creatures? Can humanity survive all-powerful heroes and villains transformed into ferocious beasts?

Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again. Earth is about to become…Beast World.

DC proudly presents the Titans’ first crossover as the world’s premier superhero team, with universe-shattering repercussions. Brought to you by the all-star creative team of writer Tom Taylor and artist Ivan Reis, this story promises to be an epic one that sets the stage for what’s to come for the DCU!

And check out the variant covers too. This one is by Bruno Redondo

And this one by Bjorn Barends

And take note this is a crossover event, so there will be tie-ups that will tell parallel stories, I guess from the looks of things there will be heroes and villains mutated all across Earth during this event.

Sounds fairly interesting. It’s also nice to see the Titans really taking centerstage even when it comes to event stuff like this.

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