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Thor: Ragnarok Actor Mark Ruffalo Praises Pinoy Who Made Hulk Toy out of Tsinelas

Thor: Ragnarok actor Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk in the film took to Twitter to show his appreciation for a Hulk toy that was given to him made out of flip-flops or tsinelas which was created by Elmer Padilla.

This was sent his way and man does it look great. I myself can hardly believe that this was made out of tsinelas…. OK maybe I do.

Here’s the photo of the actor together with the Hulk figure…

mark ruffalo elmer padilla hulk

Credits: Mark Ruffalo on Twitter

Much props to the guy, who seems humble despite all the attention going his way.

I would like to make a suggestion though, it would really be cool if he could make accessories for this one. It would be twice as awesome to have a “gladiator Hulk” look. Probably throw in a helmet and a hammer and we’re good.

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