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First Look at the X-Men 97 Funko Pops

Here’s our first look at the upcoming X-Men 97 Funko Pops based on the upcoming animated series coming to Disney+.

The first wave will feature Cyclops, Bishop, Gambit and Magneto.

Check out the packaged look for these four figures…

Looks great especially since they all have the standard Funko sticker. Not that much in terms of value but definitely worth getting for X-Men fans and collectors.

I’m also sure that this wouldn’t be the first and only wave as there are a couple more members of the X-Men that needs to be featured including Storm, Jean Grey and Wolverine.

X-Men 97 will be a direct continuation of X-Men the Animated Series and is set after the departure of Charles Xavier from Earth to be with the Shiar empress Lilandra Neramani.

Magneto is said to take over the role of headmaster for the school with new villains to deal with.

The series is set for release sometime in Q4 of 2023 on Disney+.

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