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FIRST LOOK: My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Funko Pop

After hyping up the Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Funko Pop cover a few weeks ago, Funko is once again giving music fans something to look forward to, this time in the form of the My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Funko Pop!


No word yet on this figure will come out but you can bet that Pepe will be coming sooner than later. And I’m already seeing pre-orders online from local resellers for this.

Check out more photos below of The Black Parade Funko pop figure aka Pepe!

Also, who knew that the skeletal marching band leader had a name and its actually Pepe. Wow. Wasn’t aware of that.

And hey, it’s not an exclusive or chase so that means everybody gets their chance to buy the product. This is just one of the few merchandise for My Chemical Romance that has popped out recently with new movement from the band. There’s even a My Chemical Romance makeup set that’s about to hit stores soon would you believe that.

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