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Persona 5 Tactica Makoto Niijima Trailer

Atlus has released a new Persona 5 Tactica Makoto Niijima trailer for one of the characters for the upcoming game.

“A third-year student and the class president of Shujin Academy,” reads Makoto’s official character description. “Influenced by her strict sister, she always felt she had to be a responsible student. She used to be a floormat to the staff at her school, but after breaking out of her shell, she awakens her Persona and joins the Phantom Thieves. She assumes the role of the reliable, older sister in the group, and is a physical brawler who uses her fists to fight in battle, which can make her scary sometimes. Her Persona is Johanna.”

Persona 5 Tactica is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam on November 17 worldwide.

Check out the Makoto trailer down below:

This Persona 5 game is different from the past versions such as the original game, Persona 5 Royal and even Persona 5 Strikers which was more of an action-adventure game and direct sequel to the first Persona 5 game chronicling the adventures of the Phantom Thieves as they go on road trip across Japan.

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