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Immortal X # 1 Spoilers – Sinister cloned a founding Krakoa member

Here’s the biggest, juiciest Immortal X-Men # 1 spoilers post which just came out this week involving Mr. Sinister and his very sus movements in Krakoa!

Also yeah, spoiler alert for Immortal X-Men # 1 by Kieron Gillen and art by Lucas Werneck.

spoiler alert photo

This entire issue was done with Sinister’s POV and dialogue so it makes for an engaging ready. A little tiresome with all the words but fun nonetheless. The whole big here is that Magneto has officially quit the Quiet Council and plans on retiring in Arakko. With him gone, there’s an empty seat in the council that needs to be filled immediately and so the whole comic book trope of showing the different applicants reappears once more.

Two note worthy applicants to the position are also built up through the issue namely Selene (yes the same External mutant who was also the main villain in the X-Men story “Necrosha”) and Hope Summers. Selene was called to build her case while Hope Summers just barges in after being persuaded by council member Exodus. Sinister plays commentator as things reveal themselves and the final few pages reveal that Selene did not take the council’s rejections lightly. In fact she uses the original Arakko gateway that Apocalypse built before X of Swords and turns it into a giant monster set on destroying Krakoa.

While the rest of the council members attack the monster, Sinister has a nice bookend conversation with Destiny who tells her she did not see Selene’s attack because that is not how her powers work. Sinister is kind of made a fool in this situation because he was the tiebreaker that could have stopped Selene from flipping out and summoning this monster. With that, Nathaniel Essex retreats to his secret lab and prepares to join the fight and then does a full monologue about this new power that he has acquired for himself…

Turns out he managed to get Moira McTaggert’s DNA and made multiple clones of her with her “Moira X” powers still intact because the current Moira is already dead and transformed into a murderbot. Before that she was depowered by Mystique and Destiny and even got her arm cut off during the events of Inferno.

So this looks like they just gave Sinister more stuff he can use and play around behind their backs.

Good times.

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