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Moira McTaggert completes transition into an enemy of the mutants – X Deaths of Wolverine # 5 Spoilers

X Deaths of Wolverine # 5 Spoilers coming through! Moira McTaggert, the third and secret member of the founders of Krakoa has officially become a villain and she’s got a new look by the end of X Deaths of Wolverine # 5 by Benjamin Percy and

So at the end of this story, the real Wolverine together with his kids Daken, Laura Kinney and Gabby Kinney finally stop the Omega Wolverine before it can connect to the Cerebro cradle and infect Cerebro ushering the death of mutants once more.

As the group celebrates together with Professor X aka Charles Xavier and Jean Grey things are not looking well for them as their former ally Moira has transcended her mortal form.

She got her rebooting powers back to some extent and now that she’s a cyborg, she’s no longer required to die to make reboots to the timeline.

This is a little sad to see especially since it was nice to see Moira working with Charles Xavier and Magneto to be the founders of the island nation of Krakoa. But after what happened at the end of Jonathan Hickman’s Inferno story and ultimately falling from grace due in part to Mystique and Destiny.

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