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Inferno # 3 Spoilers – Mystique and Destiny get revenge against Magneto and Xavier

Magneto and Charles Xavier are in for a world of pain at the end of Inferno # 3 by Jonathan Hickman, RB Silva and Valerio Schiti. Here are major Inferno # 3 spoilers; or rather the ending of issue 3.

There’s really a lot to unpack in Inferno # 3 but the cliffhanger ending is also one for the books.

So in this issue, we see Emma Frost aka White Queen meeting with Destiny and Mystique and showing them what Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr aka Magneto showed her. Including that bit where their past lives burned and tortured Moira McTaggert, which was also the reason Destiny was denied to chance to be resurrected even with all the secret missions that Mystique has done for the two. Armed with this knowledge, the two plan their revenge.

So they take advantage of the fact that Moira McTaggert was picked up by the Orchis Foundation in France after its been revealed that she been under surveillance since for awhile (see Inferno # 2). Charles and Erik track Moira back to a secret ORCHIS site where they see bodies and a door where Moira’s signature was coming from.

Turns out it was a trap laid out by Destiny and Mystique.

Its revealed that they managed to get inside the secret No-Place in Krakoa after taking back Moira and they chopped off her arm and left it there as a beacon to Magneto and Charles. At the same time, they cause so much death and destruction for Orchis that Karima Shapander aka Omega Sentinel and Nimrod personally lead the attack force and find the two mutant leaders in their site.

Things look very bleak for the two and this could really signal the start of the fall of Krakoa as well as the potential deaths of these two prominent mutant leaders.

But whether or not they live, we all know that the two will be making an appearance in the upcoming Immortal X-Men title by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck.

Well at least one of them anyway since its only Magneto’s helmet that’s present in the first promotional art for the book drawn by Mark Brooks.

What do you think will happen when these two pairs meet once more? What are they planning to do with Moira? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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