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Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo: Stone Ocean Ver. Official Images

Here’s a look at the Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo: Stone Ocean Ver. official images released by Good Smile Company!

The figure is already open for pre-order from the Good Smile Company website and retails for ¥5,478. If you also order via the GSC site, you’ll get a free pendant accessory for this version of the older Jotaro Kujo.

Obviously this looks different from recently re-released Stardust Crusaders version, which IMHO is still the coolest version to date. And looks extremely well with the Nendoroid Jolyne Cujoh which was previously announced too.

The look is directly lifted from the manga and the anime series that’s currently on Netflix created by David Productions. You can see also that there’s a lot of different elements between the Part 3 version and the Stone Ocean version namely the color of the clothes that Jotaro is wearing.

There are a number of standard things too like the ethereal hand of Jotaro’s stand, Star Platinum, with a punch motion. There are also a number of face plates available to swap around including a plate that depicts a scene from the anime and manga when the stand White Snake removes Kujo’s memory disc and stand disc…

Anyway, check out more images in the gallery below.

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