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The Legend of Dragoon 2 announced for Sony Playstation 5

The game lineup for Sony Playstation 5 will be a little more “scalier” with the announcement of Legend of Dragoon 2 from Sony!

According to reports most of the original creative team will be back for the sequel including director Yasuyuki Hasebe, designer Yasuyuki Hasebe, writers Takehiro Kaminagayoshi and Yasuyuki Hasebe and even composer Dennis Martin.

Reports also suggest that this will take place decades after the ending of the first game which came out for the Sony Playstation back in 1999/2000. In the decades since Dart and co defeated the God of Destruction some political turmoil has happened plus a strange new threat has awakened. This prompts an elderly Dart to get in to action together with a new generation of heroes ready to sacrifice their lives for Endiness.

There are a number of new gameplay elements and some returning as well including our favorite Dragoon Spirit transformation which gets a massive update as well. I’m hearing you can now even switch easily between a character’s regular form and the dragoon form even outside a battle.

The last bit of rumor is that the game will be released around 2026 so there’s still room for everybody to get their hands of PS5 before it officially comes out.

Watch the trailer for the original The Legend of Dragoon below:

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  1. John Scott says:

    This is the only ps1 game I still play from time to time. And it is my all-time favorite ps1 game. I really do hope it actually gets a remastering on the ps5 by 2026.

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