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Inferno # 4 Spoilers Recap

Here’s the Inferno # 4 spoilers / recap from Marvel written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Valerio Schiti . This also wraps up Jonathan Hickman’s final work with Marvel, the X-books and the X-Men.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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There’s a lot of things that happened in this issue. For starters, we finally get a good Magneto/ Xavier team-up which was originally going to be against a group of AIM/ Orchis soldiers plus Omega Sentinel and Nimrod. But that quickly becomes a two on two fight as the two machines murdered their soldiers.

Omega Sentinel and Nimrod in Inferno # 4

We also get another good art featuring the two mutant leaders and the founding fathers of Krakoa.

Obviously Magneto would drop steel structures on his enemies but these guys are tough. Remember their group has been killing mutants who keep attacking the ORCHIS base as revealed at the start of Inferno. They even have corpses of attacking X-Men hidden in their base.

The attack separates Xavier’s Cerebro helmet from Xavier. Nimrod destroys the helmet which angers Xavier and he pretty much dismantles the future tech machine.

Meanwhile back in Krakoa, Mystique and Destiny deal with the captured Moira McTaggert; by shooting her down.

But then it turns out Mystique didn’t really kill Moira but rather shot her with a gun that instantly turns mutants into humans. A weapon that Forge made and was quickly banned but not before Emma Frost got her hands on it and then gave it to Mystique and Destiny.

Then its become clear that they want to make sure that Moira nevers get resurrected which was one of the major deal behind Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X book. Then we get to see how Mystique managed to finally capture the elusive McTaggert in a series of pages.

These pages explain how Xavier and Magneto find an ORCHIS base filled with dead soldiers as well as explain how Omega and Nimrod managed to find Xavier and Magneto in that ORCHIS base. They used Moira as bait to have the two sides fight and kill each other.

We also find out that Moira isn’t the saint she was pictured to be. She doesn’t want to be a mutant. She wants to be human again and that she wants to cure mutants from their “condition” and avoid bloodshed and genocide.

Back in the fight Magneto gets riled up and uses his powers to almost kill Omega Sentinel by turning her cannons on her.

While Xavier is shocked to see that Nimrod is once again able to get back up the fight with a scarier look.

The two end up in a stalemate with Magneto holding Omega hostage and Nimrod holding Xavier. Xavier also figures out that Moira is not with ORCHIS.

Things go downhill from here with Magneto letting go of Omega Sentinel, then Nimrod kills Xavier.

Then Nimrod gets more Nimrod clones to attack Magneto. Omega also brings out a power dampener while Magneto fights the Nimrods.

She activates it and they are able to take down Magneto with relative ease.

Omega gets the last laugh by shooting Magneto point blank in the face.

Back again in Krakoa, Mystique is about to kill Moira but Cypher aka Doug Ramsey enters the scene and makes the save.

Doug reveals that he knows what Mystique and Destiny are planning to do and thinks that its a solid plan except for the part where they have to murder Moira; something that is against the Krakoan laws.

Mystique threatens to kill Doug after a bit of conversation, saying it would be easy for her to do that.

Doug agrees but also states that she may not be so good at killing his back up, namely Krakoa itself.


Destiny then tells Mystique that there are three things that could happen at this point.

  1. If Mystique kills Moira – Mystique gets exiled; Destiny dies six months later and will not be reborn anymore.
  2. If Mystique kills Cypher/ Doug Ramsey – Mystique dies, Destiny lives and will stay in the Quiet Council. There’s a slim chance that Raven will be reborn three years after that.
  3. Cypher wins – Moira X lives, both of them lives and consolidates power within the Council; Doug also gets power through time.

Mystique goes for option 3 and lets Moira live. Krakoa generates a gate for Moira to use and escape and Warlock gives Moira a new arm to replace the one that got cut off in Inferno # 3. Mystique and Destiny vow to hunt down Moira too.

Days later, we catch up with the events of Inferno # 1 with White Queen heading the resurrection of Charles Xavier and Magneto.

Then Emma Frost reveals that she already told the members of the Quiet Council about the secret of Krakoa’s foundation; this pretty much seals the membership of the Council and lock them all up. The ending for Inferno as a series in general also paves the way for what’s going to happen in the upcoming Immortal X-Men book written by Kieron Gillen and artist Lucas Werneck.

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