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Batman Incorporated # 1 Review

Ghost-Maker and the rest of the Batman from around the world have banded together to form a new iteration of Batman Incorporated with writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms. Here’s my Batman Incorporated # 1 review!

This new Batman spinoff book is a promising treat especially if you enjoyed the violent vigilante Ghost-Maker and his antics in Gotham City during James Tynion IV’s Batman run. And its also going to introduce some new dynamics, new villains and more expansion to the already rich Batman lore.

Timms’ art and cover speaks tons of spontaneous movements and great visuals. I liked that there’s this nice balance between Saturday morning cartoons and grim and gritty with the art and that’s a big credit too to the colorist for this issue Rex Lokus.

The art also helps give first time readers an idea on what the powers and capabilities the members of Batman Incorporated has like for example there’s a scene with Gray Wolf and Batman Japan aka Jiro looking for their target in the woods and they avoid a huge log trap, the movement of Wolf rescuing Jiro and avoiding the log looks so vibrant and alive.

Ghost-Maker and Clownhunter may not be a hundred percent with each other but at least we get to see them together, looking badass. The same goes for the new Knight aka the Batman of England. Beryl’s gone through so much as a masked character that it’s nice to see her finally showcase how good she is as a crime-fighter.

Lastly I dig the ongoing major plot point and mystery which is the murder of various people around the globe connected to both Ghost-Maker and Batman aka the people who taught them their skills from knife throwing to driving and even their use of technology and inventive spirit.

Things are starting great for Batman Incorporated # 1.

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