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Immortal X-Men creative team announced with Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck

After that very cool “class picture” Destiny of X teaser they released the other day with the art of Leinil Yu, Marvel has dropped more information about the upcoming title Immortal X-Men

And to kick things off with their announcements of new titles, Marvel has dropped more details about the Immortal X-Men book with writer Keiron Gillen and artist Lucas Werneck with a promotional art done by Mark Brooks.

The book promises that they will be delving into the members of the Quiet Council who leads the mutant nation of Krakoa. Throughout the book there will be backstabbing and drama and definitely a lot of alliances struck behind each other’s backs.


  • Written by KIERON GILLEN
  • Cover by MARK BROOKS

“So, the match is lit, and Immortal X-Men is a book about the burning,” Gillen said of the upcoming series. “To speak in a Hickmanian idiom, this is the New Avengers to Gerry’s Avengers. This is the book about Krakoa, and the Quiet council, with all its muffled screams. It’s about a group of people, some of whom are convinced they’re in the West Wing, some who have designs to be in House of Cards and at least one who knows they’re in Veep. It’s big ideas, politics, fights and fashion, lies, creation and destruction, all told across the widest possible canvas, in time and space. It’s some characters I’ve written before, with the volume turned up. It’s me falling in love with some characters I’ve never touched. It’s me somehow talking Marvel into paying me for having this much fun.”

As a fan of the X-Men books, I’m also happy to note that Kieron Gillen is back writing an X-Men book. We last saw him during the Utopia days of the mutants and after the events of Avengers vs X-Men aka AVX. I remember that he explored a lot of cool concepts with probably the most powerful X-Men team dubbed the X-Tinction Team led by Cyclops and featuring characters like Storm, Emma Frost, Hope Summers and more.

He was also writing Generation Hope back then which was an OK title featuring Hope Summers and her little group of new mutants that she unlocked after the events of Second Coming.

Immortal X-Men #1 goes on sale March 30.

What do you think of this new book? Honestly I’m waiting to see more of this the moment Jonathan Hickman introduced the concept of the Quiet Council during his House of X/ Powers of X book.

Destiny of X Teasers

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