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X-Men Red # 2 Spoilers

X-Men Red # 2 spoilers incoming. The issue is written by Al Ewing with art by Stefano Caselli.

Now before we proceed:

spoiler alert photo

in this issue, things are starting to unravel for Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan. The whole plot that they dangled back in Jonathan Hickman’s run about him being alive but a sleeper agent for something more sinister

As he keeps on losing it, its become pretty clear that his two former teammates, Petra and Sway were just figments of his imagination and that they are still dead. What the writer left dangling is to whether or not the explosive outburst he did was real or not because by the next page, we see him walking with Abigail Brand who is also up with her own plans. She introduces Vulcan to her team, the X-Men Red which consists primarily of members of the SWORD team from Al Ewing’s previous book including Cable, Manifold, Frenzy, Random, Mentallo and more.

And because Manifold has problems with Brand’s way of running things plus her being sketchy and all, he quits and leaves Mars just as a mission gets underway.

They get sent to a part of Arakko where two Progenitors are attacking the residents.

The team is in shambles and uncoordinated and is even demoralized with the death of Cable who was taken out with a single blast.

That’s when Storm’s Brotherhood make an appearance, calling themselves the Brotherhood of Arakko…

And we also get a clue on who the mysterious old man hanging around with them is. Looks like this is going to be a big plot down the line.  As to what happens in the fight between the Brotherhood and the Progenitors, it took a bit of distraction but Magneto manages to behead those two assailants saving the day and giving more street cred for Storm and her team. Speaking of Storm, there’s a bit of conflict between Vulcan and Storm which ends with Storm taking out the youngest Summers brothers.

When Vulcan wakes up Abigail Brand convinces Vulcan that he needs to step up and make good with the natives of Arakko, giving him a mark that he needs to kill to make the Arakki like him.


What do you think of the developments that have happened to the mutants of Mars in X-Men Red # 2? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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