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Peter David reunites Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider as the New Fantastic Four for limited series for May

One of the most endearing concepts for Fantastic Four fans is the thought of the New Fantastic Four team and Marvel is already giving them what they want in the form of an upcoming New Fantastic Four 5-issue limited series written by Peter David.

David would be working with artist Alan Robinson and they will be doing a five-issue flashback series. The focus would be the team’s short run but we still don’t have any big clues other than the team would be going to battle with a “a series of mystery villains you’ll never see coming.”

Robinson whose previous work includes KISS, Terminator, Back to the Future and more has this to say:

“Talk about debuting with a big bang in Marvel Comics! With characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine, and written by the awesome Peter David, no less! This is a dream come true for me as an artist and as a fan, and the story gets richer with each page. A total blast!”

Also expect some nice appearances through the series including Ms. Thing and of course, the original Fantastic Four who they “replaced” back in Fantastic Four # 347.

So basically the formation of this new team was formed thanks to the Skrulls who thought that they have taken care of the Fantastic Four for good, only for fate to quickly create a new team of FF to pick up the slack and save the world.


The series will also feature appearances from the original Fantastic Four, along with Ms. Thing and other unnamed Marvel guest stars.

“Although their original stint was extremely short-lived, the alternate version of the Fantastic Four has had its fans for years, including myself,” David states in the announcement. “I am fortunate Marvel has given me the opportunity to revisit with them and take their battles to new heights in a new location with new allies and new enemies.”

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